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About Us

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Why Choose Us ?

We are a 4th industrial Revolution company specializing in all forms of new age digital content creation. A music production, artist development & film creation company. A vision conceived in California materialized in the heart of South Africa’s Capital, Pretoria. The purpose: to increase human consciousness by elevating social awareness through realistic musical/cinematic depiction & community outreach.

The mission of NBL Entertainment is to administer community education, facilitate artistic recreation for the residents of Eersterust, Gauteng, South Africa and abroad. Target market: young professionals, students, aspiring artists & under-privileged youth. Services include music & film production, social interaction, dancing, games, social classes, motivational speaking and acting work shops.

Competition: All companies in this industry face the same competition – mankind – because anyone with a camera phone can essentially capture & release content. We plan to include aspirants in our projects to learn and develop their skills. For example,  if up and coming artists cannot afford to pay for the full scale professional video promo or production, they will be afforded the opportunity to enroll in our skills share program where they can work a number of hours on set learning an actual industry job to earn credit towards their own production using the company and gear as a support for their growth & development. 


We provide 3 year financial forecast or projections. At current, our work allows interest from large scale companies, but our accessible equipment/ gear does not meet the requirements to make consistent revenue generating income streams without outsourcing and third party gear hire. Given the opportunity to operate as a fully standardized production house that is technologically equipped, we can consistently service high end clientele and provide affordable opportunity to community members in need who have the drive and interest but lack the recourse and accessibility. In short, we plan to operate on global industry levels in order to give back to our underprivileged youth in a sustainable manner.



1   Swot analysis 

StrengthsDomain expertise in digital content creation.
Reputable Brand.
Fairly loyal customer base taking cognizance of the negative impact the Covid-19 pandemic had on the business.
Relevant, in demand, high-quality products.
Great with creating industry related networks, especially with Youth and women-owned businesses.Variety of product offerings and services.Strong visibility on certain social media platforms.
WeaknessEquipment is fairly expensive.
High cost of rental material.
Lack of proper equipment impedes on business growth and quality of products as well as production time. 
Capacity Constraints – High labour costs due to the Covid-19 pandemic that brought great job losses.Challenges to grow industry talent amongst the youth due to ineffective workspace and space to train-up the Youth.
Lack of access to smart devices and internet by most youth, especially in rural areas.
Lack of youth and women-owned businesses in the industry to create and scale opportunities.
Lack of access to proper showcase opportunities.
Opportunities Organic growth in social media presence.
Opportunities to remotely train the youth to promote content online.
Opportunities to start attending important industry related festivals and have performance showcases.More jobs created and more people being able to work remotely.Selling more online content.
Online access to consumers opens up access to global markets.
Threats The number of cheaper competitors in the market increased.Changing consumer patterns.Market failures.Stakeholder misalignment in terms of relevant content creation.
Managing consumer expectations for immediate results in the absence of a data-driven content strategy.
2   Market demands
Which of your product(s) are in high demand: Digital content creation, creative consulting, cinematography, photography, post production/editing/music production & underprivileged community youth creative skill share program.
Total volume of unit sales per month: Sufficient equipment inventory is a direct determinant factor to the scales and volume of production we can undertake as a collective. Currently we can load 1 to 2 projects per week depending on the size, scale and deadline requirements. 
Geographical areas of market demand (township/province). We at NBL recognize that our industry can no longer be recognized as local or stationary. As mentioned, content digitization, increasing internet speeds, technological accessibility and growing online platforms has made digital content a global commodity. Something created in China at 5am can be shared and viewed by the rest of the world within minutes of upload without discrimination to time zone or national market. Communities are so interlinked via social media that the happenings of Cape Town can be shared and experienced in Pretoria in real time. We hold these universal truths to be self-evident and plan to use these ever evolving phenomena to our advantage. We plan to document & broadcast the local vibration of – namely, but not limited to – Cape town and Gauteng, globally. We aim to develop aspirants through various artistic projects in sharing realities through film, music and other artistic expression with the rest of the world. Basically, if provided the correct resources, we can create content at global industry standard to bring the wonders of Mzansi to the rest of the planet by the highest quality possible.  
What is the percentage of repeat customers in a month/quarter?
E.          TECHNOLOGY 
1.   Technology requirements 
List all current equipment used in the production of goods and services.
EquipmentFunctionNo. of years in operation
Black Magik 4k cameraVideo capture/production 6 years 
Cannon 5D mark 2 camera Video capture/production8 years 
Macs/Computers Editing post production 4-8 years 
List the volume of products produced in a month (or season)
 ProductVolumes per month/season
1 to 2 digital productions per week depending on scale, personal experience and equipment hire budget 4 to 8 
2.   Cost of production
Cost of producing one productRelative to client production budget 
What is the mark-up % added to cost price5-25% 
3.   Constraints 
List current production constraints
 Constant Access to current technological equipment to stay relevant to global industry and high level production standard.
Production vehicle.
Outdated computer & editing software, & processing power to handle larger files.  
4.   Technology solution
Provide the technology specifications for the required equipment, e.g. Filling machine
Production capacity (20 litre – 14 sec)
Cost of the technology (three different quotes)
1 quote completed
2 quotes pending due to extreme load shedding stage 6 – will send upon receipt
Skills that will be required to operate the equipment
Majority of shareholders have graduated from LIMA and South African Creative Industries Incubator (Film school and have acquired the necessary creative and technical skills – as accredited by MICT SETA certified).
Majority of the shareholders has more than 10 years of domain expertise.
Number of direct jobs that will be created and their roles.
34 Direct Jobs Director
Sound Design
Set Design
Live Sound Technicians
Script Writing
Screen Writing
Music Production
Make-Up, Hair, Wardrobe
Set building
Location Manager
Set Director
Key Grips
Post Production Editing
Programme Scheduling
Casting Director
Props Manager
Stunt Coordination
Storyboard Artist
Line Producer
Food and Catering
Stakeholder Management and Public Relations
Radio and Television Presenters
3d Design 
Number of downstream jobs that will be created and their roles
See list above as some roles might require multiple people to fulfil them.
The new technology transfer intervention will have the following competitive advantages:
Current technology trends are ever changing so within the climate of an ever evolving industry it is of utmost importance that our grassroots companies are given the opportunity to produce digital content on the scale no less than the global industry standard.Quality of technology in this industry is a direct reflection of how the viewer and clientele receive the product, regardless of creative ability. Faster speed for digital content creation, better arial footage and high resolution products for digital content quality are also of utmost importance.
Profitability (price and cost)YesYesNo 
If YES, please provide the information of the new price and cost per product or service.
Price and cost of technology request appended. Please be advised that a secondary and tertiary quote will be furnished upon receipt. Please excuse constraints to get these due to load shedding by the respective companies to whom the request have been made.
Lead time – efficient deliveryYesYesNo 
If YES, please provide information.
The sooner the technology is received the sooner production can start on an International level 
Product / Service QualityYesYesNo 
If YES, please provide details of how quality will be achieved.
Technological Gear Requested for this mission falls under cutting edge and state of the art equipment. Operators under this company will be empowered to capture sound and visuals at the highest possible quality maintaining a level of production deliverable equivocal to the global industry standard. Higher resolution requires greater computing, processing speed and power to facilitate efficient post production editing time and quality. It is important that the right people receive the right gear to do the right job in the right timespan for the right clients, while empowering and transferring the skills to the Youth of a growing and capable nation.
Market accessYes No 
If Yes, please provide information on the potential market access.
Refer to section C – Market analysis. Technological advancements, global internet accessibility, and a plethora of online streaming and distribution platforms have made the market more accessible to a worldwide audience than ever before in human history. NBL is privileged to be able to service high-end clients like Standard Bank while penetrating, exploiting and exploring creative potential of aspiring Youth and Digital Content Creators of townships like Eersterust, Piketberg and Riebeek-Wes to provide the necessary skills development and quality assurance for confidence to showcase their work to a global digital audience – thanks to the 4th industrial revolution. For further details – see Market Analysis Section C. Please see attached company profile, Artist Development Electronic Press Kit Sample in print form as reference. For copies and digital samples of our work/digital portfolio please e-mail: wadefisher@nblentertainment.com or malchizadek33@gmail.com
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