Artist Management

Artist Management gives you the opportunity to get expert advice on how to build a network of professionals around you and identify a serious plan to take your career to the next level. Whether you’re looking to develop a strategy to promote an upcoming release or aiming to get discovered by a record label, we’re here to help you navigate the industry and stand out.

With experience working with Malik Gita – our team can help you achieve financial independence, which is a crucial milestone that every record label executive will have their eye on. Until you’re on a trajectory to reach this point, they won’t be interested.

Luckily, NBL Entertainment International has had plenty of success in identifying how to get artists to the next level to achieve management deals and record label offers.

How We Work

Our industry-leading managers are passionate about supporting artists on the journey to success. And at the heart of this journey is career growth. Knowing what to do and what not to do can make or break an artist.

Artist Management covers key areas

  • Career Strategy
  • Release Strategy
  • Business Management
  • Promotion
  • Event Production

We tailor every consultation session to develop your current goals as well as the ones you’re yet to discover. And because we offer consultations on a rolling basis, our managers take no commission or percentage of your rights. Where with other managers you might have owed thousands, with NBL Entertainment International you’ll get to keep everything you earn.

Featured Artists

Malik gita


Born to the Kullid community of Eersterust in Pretoria, South Africa, this visionary and prolific artist, actor and aspir- ing director began his journey with local talent shows at an early age in Woodstock, Cape Town. At age 13, he moved to Sacramento California, in the United States of America, where his creative career with theatre and public access television commenced. The September 11th attacks inspired him to join the United States Marine Corps and he served 6 fruitful years in the armed forces on active duty. Part of his service included 3 years as a Motivational speaker for the Public Relations division of the United States Marine Corps in the Philippines, as well as in Foreign Diplomatic Service, which earned him the rank of Staff Sergeant. He toured over twenty-two countries over a period of 6 years, working and inspiring people with his music. South Africa, his country of birth, formed part of the tours and he performed in places like the Mandela Museum, doing it all OFF duty. After his honorable discharge from the Marines, he decided to return back to South Africa to continue to work and represent his community.

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