“Cold World” By “Malik Gita” Ai Lyrical Breakdown

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Analyzing the lyrics of “Cold World” by Malik Gita, produced by NBL ENTERTAINMENT, reveals a deeply introspective and socially conscious narrative. The song delves into themes of racial injustice, the struggles of living in a harsh societal environment, and the personal reflections of the artist on these issues.

The lyrics open with a comparison of the artist’s intelligence to a growing child, suggesting a sense of evolution and learning. The mention of his mother stepping into a “cold world” where people are treated as if they have “no worth” immediately sets the tone for a song that grapples with the harsh realities of life, particularly for those marginalized by society.

The chorus, “it’s a cold world,” reinforces the idea of a society filled with indifference and hostility. The artist addresses systemic racism with lines like “everybody racist, suits trying to hit us with the cuffs and cases,” highlighting the challenges faced by Black communities, particularly in interactions with the legal system.

Malik Gita also touches on the lack of genuine communication and trust in society: “ain’t nobody saying nothing real enough to trust it.” The reference to violence – “put a bullet in your body, break the knife in your back” – is a stark illustration of betrayal and brutality.

The song goes on to describe a world where superficiality reigns (“all action no words”) and where the struggle for survival is a constant battle (“writing codes to The Matrix for a cold world”). The imagery of “frostbite burns” and “stones from the glass house” suggests that those in vulnerable positions are often the most hurt by societal hypocrisy and judgment.

Malik’s personal reflections on his family, especially his mother and children, add a layer of intimacy to the song. He expresses a desire to build a better future for his son and protect his daughter from the harshness of the world. The references to his mother, both as a source of strength and as someone he seeks to protect, are particularly poignant.

The song concludes with a powerful commentary on religious hypocrisy and societal collapse. The artist’s refusal to conform to expectations and his commitment to his family (“I don’t apologize, take care of my family”) underline his determination to remain true to his values in a world that often seems devoid of them.

In summary, “Cold World” by Malik Gita is a profound exploration of societal ills, personal struggles, and the quest for integrity in a world that often seems cold and unyielding. Its powerful lyrics and compelling narrative make it a significant contribution to contemporary music with a message.

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