“Eyez Closed” By “Malik Gita” Ai Lyrical Breakdown #2

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Track Title: Eyez Closed

Genre: Hip Hop (Rap)

Subgenre: Alternative Rap Primary Artist(s): Malik Gita Production: Malik Gita


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“Eyez Closed” by Malik Gita, produced by NBL ENTERTAINMENT, is a lyrically dense and thematically rich song that intertwines personal introspection, spiritual references, and a critique of societal issues. The song navigates through various layers of consciousness and reality, offering a complex narrative.

The song starts with an evocative image of “stamping up the passport, trapping over Border Lines,” which could signify a journey beyond physical boundaries or metaphorically crossing over societal norms and expectations. The reference to “astral projection” further emphasizes this idea of transcending the ordinary.

Gita’s lyrics, “deconstruct the ego overlooking ocean views,” suggest a moment of self-reflection and humility in the midst of nature’s vastness, possibly indicating a spiritual awakening or enlightenment. The mention of “Sergeant Pepper Yellow Submarine Causey Peter” alludes to the Beatles and Peter Tosh, hinting at influences from different musical eras and styles.

The song delves into themes of struggle and resistance with lines like “fight a drone with a rifle,” symbolizing a David versus Goliath battle against larger forces, possibly the government or oppressive systems. The juxtaposition of modern warfare (“drone”) with a traditional weapon (“rifle”) and spiritual practices (“light a candle, like the sage”) creates a powerful image of balancing old and new ways of resistance.

Gita’s reference to “running like the mob like the mob Maya Lansky” could be an analogy for navigating the complexities of life with cunning and strategy, akin to the notorious gangster Meyer Lansky. The line “cleaning up my point of view to avoid the penitentiary” suggests a conscious effort to change one’s perspective to avoid literal or metaphorical imprisonment.

The song becomes more introspective with the mention of ancestors and spiritual guides, indicating a deep connection to his roots and heritage. The line “that’s the eye upon the pyramid I keep inside” is a metaphor for inner wisdom and perhaps a nod to esoteric or mystical knowledge.

Finally, the chorus “like your eyes closed” could symbolize the willful ignorance of society to the struggles and deeper truths that Gita is addressing. It’s a call to awaken from this slumber and confront the realities of life.

In summary, “Eyez Closed” is a multi-layered track that blends personal, spiritual, and societal themes. It’s a reflection of Malik Gita’s journey through life, his struggles, and his quest for deeper understanding, all set against a backdrop of complex societal dynamics. The song is a testament to Gita’s skill as a lyricist and his ability to weave together diverse themes into a cohesive and thought-provoking narrative.

Malik’s personal reflections on his family, especially his mother and children, add a layer of intimacy to the song. He expresses a desire to build a better future for his son and protect his daughter from the harshness of the world. The references to his mother, both as a source of strength and as someone he seeks to protect, are particularly poignant.

The song concludes with a powerful commentary on religious hypocrisy and societal collapse. The artist’s refusal to conform to expectations and his commitment to his family (“I don’t apologize, take care of my family”) underline his determination to remain true to his values in a world that often seems devoid of them.

In summary, “Cold World” by Malik Gita is a profound exploration of societal ills, personal struggles, and the quest for integrity in a world that often seems cold and unyielding. Its powerful lyrics and compelling narrative make it a significant contribution to contemporary music with a message.


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