“Transform” By “Malik Gita Ft. Magikel Mason Di Emperor” A Lyrical and Musical Revolution



Track Title: Transform (2023 Remastered)

Genre: Hip Hop (Rap)

Subgenre: Alternative Rap

Primary Artist(s): Malik Gita, Magikel, Mason Di Emperor

Production: Malik Gita


 “Transform (2023 Remastered)” – A Lyrical and Musical Revolution

NBL ENTERTAINMENT’s “Transform,” featuring Malik Gita, Magikel, and Mason Di Emperor, stands as a monumental track in the hip-hop genre, embodying the essence of rebellion, social consciousness, and personal empowerment. This remastered classic, with its hard-hitting lyrics, dynamic flow, and compelling narrative, not only challenges listeners to confront life’s struggles but also to emerge transformed.

The Embodiment of Resistance

The track initiates with a powerful declaration, setting a tone of defiance and resistance. “We are rebel guerillas at war,” echoes through the introduction, delivered by Mason Di Emperor, instantly immersing the listener in a world of revolutionary zeal. This line, coupled with “Post up on the block, feel the mission,” conveys a readiness and determination to face and overcome societal challenges, encapsulating the spirit of transformation.

A Narrative of Confrontation and Awakening

Each verse in “Transform” delves deep into the multifaceted nature of contemporary struggles. The vivid imagery of “Babylon falling again” in Magikel’s opening verse draws a parallel with modern societal decay, while the haunting refrain of “Mother earth dying” underscores the urgency of environmental awareness and action.

Malik Gita’s verses, particularly the second one, speak volumes on overcoming adversity. References to “firewall” battles and “MK Ultra” signify a larger narrative of resisting control and manipulation, portraying a stark landscape of societal challenges that demand fortitude and awareness.

Breaking Free and Rising Above

The narrative arc of “Transform” is a journey from confrontation to liberation. Phrases like “My estate is escaping the matrix” illustrate a breaking away from systemic constraints and societal norms, highlighting the theme of personal and collective emancipation.

The chorus, recurring with Mason Di Emperor’s resonant voice, is a potent reminder of the song’s core message. It calls for a steadfast struggle against evil and injustice, advocating for transformation at both personal and societal levels.

Reflecting on Wealth, Success, and Identity

The exploration of wealth and success, especially in the later verses, is nuanced and introspective. Malik Gita’s reflection on transitioning from darkness to light, “I handed all my dark to the bright,” symbolizes a personal and artistic evolution, achieved through introspection and perseverance.

Culmination of Resilience and Empowerment

The bridge and concluding choruses of the song encapsulate the ongoing battle against adversity. They underline the resilience and unity required to effect change, reinforcing the song’s message of transformation and empowerment.

A Standout Piece in Hip-Hop

“Transform (2023 Remastered)” is more than a song; it is a testament to Malik Gita’s ability to intertwine social commentary with enthralling storytelling. Its rich narrative and dynamic delivery position it as a significant work in the realm of hip-hop, resonating deeply with those who seek music that not only entertains but also enlightens and inspires.


In summary, “Transform (2023 Remastered)” by NBL ENTERTAINMENT, with its incisive lyrics, robust narratives, and enthralling beats, is not merely a track but a movement. It epitomizes the power of music as a force for societal change and personal growth, making it a crucial addition to the discourse of conscious hip-hop. This remastered classic is a clarion call to all who aspire to rise above, challenge the status quo, and embrace the transformative power of music.

Discover “Transform (2023 Remastered)” on Spotify and experience the revolution for yourself: [Listen Now](https://open.spotify.com/album/2pqG1bhdUQUahd0aP9QMf5).


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