“Holding My Peace” By “Malik Gita Ft. Magikel & Nathan (Napalm) Palmer” Ai Lyrical Breakdown #3

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Track Title: Holding My Peace

Genre: Hip Hop (Rap)

Subgenre: Alternative Rap

Primary Artist(s): Malik Gita, Magikel, Nathan Palmer

Production: Malik Gita ©


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“Holding My Peace” by Malik Gita featuring Magikel and Nathan (Napalm) Palmer, produced by NBL ENTERTAINMENT, is a song that resonates with strong, assertive energy, combining elements of self-confidence, societal critique, and spiritual reflection. The song’s varied verses touch on numerous themes, from personal success and artistic integrity to societal observations and self-awareness.

Verse 1 by Malik Gita is a bold assertion of his prowess in the music industry. The references to “chop it like a China man, chop, chop suey” and “Spike Lee was shootin” convey a sense of control and artistic mastery. The line “Hip hop’s a man’s game, Fuck bein modest” could be interpreted as a critique of the current state of hip hop, where subtlety and modesty are often overlooked.

Verse 2 continues with a theme of authenticity and resilience. The artist asserts his unique perspective, contrasting himself with those he perceives as less genuine or superficial. The verse seems to lament the state of hip hop and the lack of realness in the industry.

The Chorus encapsulates the song’s title and its central theme. “Holding my peace” serves as a metaphor for the artist choosing not to engage with negativity or superficiality. Instead, he focuses on his own path, symbolizing strength and resilience.

Verse 3 addresses the readiness of others to face the truth, an ongoing theme in the song. The references to “bishop looking for the juice” and “coon niggas want to hang around, Get the noose” are vivid and controversial, likely symbolizing betrayal and the harsh realities within the Black community.

Verse 4 shifts the tone to a more materialistic and boastful perspective, emphasizing luxury and success. The references to high-end brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci signify a move from struggles to success.

Verse 5 uses metaphors related to fighting and strength, indicating a readiness to confront challenges. The reference to the “Book of Eli double dragon” suggests a readiness for a spiritual or physical battle.

Verse 6 brings a personal touch, emphasizing the artist’s authenticity and independence. The line “Silence is golden, I’m holding my peace up” reinforces the chorus’s message, indicating a preference for action over words.

Verse 7 continues with themes of strength and perseverance. The imagery of fighting demons and references to being the “alpha and omega” suggest a deep self-awareness and a sense of destiny or purpose.

Overall, “Holding My Peace” is a powerful song that combines elements of self-assertion, critique of the music industry, and personal and societal observations. It’s a bold statement from Malik Gita and his collaborators, showcasing their lyrical prowess and their willingness to address complex themes in their music.

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